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Zenitech Mission

Zenitech CS is dedicated to effectively combating cybercrime and its impact on organizations without the capability to have their own dedicated information security team. According to the US National Cyber Security Alliance, 60% of small businesses that fall victim to a cyber attack cease operations within six months. Given the crucial work carried out by small businesses, trade unions, and non-profit organizations, it is imperative to shield them from the risk of failure posed by cyber attacks.

Zenitech CS strives to empower all types of organizations, especially those lacking dedicated information security personnel, with an efficient method for managing information security risks. Following proven methodologies, Zenitech CS facilitates the swift establishment of an Information Security Program capable of adeptly identifying and managing information security risks. After identifying which risks are worth mitigating, Zenitech CS assists in the process of implementing prioritized, user-friendly, and highly cost-effective controls that effectively thwart cyber attacks.

By focusing on preparation, vigilant monitoring, and a steadfast commitment to continual improvement, business stakeholders can set aside the fear of devastating losses brought about by cyber attacks. Ultimately, by enhancing the overall maturity of the information security program, the looming threat of cyberattacks can be reshaped into an opportunity for progress, innovation, and secure information technology systems.

Alan Lee, Zenitech CS